About our company

About Us, Our Vision and Mission 

Moonline Travel and Trade Ltd was founded in 2010, it is the leading company in Iraq and a major player in the regional and international markets. In addition to full Travel and Tourism Services, Moonline through its affiliated companies and portals deal with Technology Services/Systems such as Software/API Application and Digital Development Solutions, Trade, Study Abroad, Medical Tourism, Residence Permit and Citizenship, etc.

Moonline has its presence with its fully fledged branch offices in major provinces and cities all over Iraq including Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, Baghdad, Duhok, Basra and others. We were the first company ever in Iraq to initiate and develop online business starting from tourism sector as an OTA and then expanded to various industries for which the birth of Bazzaar.com was a necessity for the Iraqi’s nowadays business environment. We will continue to be the leader for online business model in Iraq for many years to come.

Our vision is to create a better, an easier and more convenient daily online shopping for all Iraqi people and thus become the most trusted and leader in offering online/digital business models to all Iraqi businesses through Bazzaar.com.

We aim to provide the widest range of products with exceptional value for money without any compromise on quality and delivery service with every order. Our goal is to form lifelong relationship with our customers. We are confident that our service for online shopping on Bazzaar.com will be second to none and offer all our customers the best possible shopping experience. We shall create a fun and exciting shopping experience so as from the comfort of your own home or office, you can buy online and choose a delivery that suits you best. Our mission will be to make your life easier by helping you avoid unnecessary and time-consuming trips to the physical stores for your shopping.