Human Development

A book that you become the author of about the secret of your life، so don't show it to anyone.
AuthorLena Strauch LanguageKurdish
Book EGO IS THE ENEMY. :- This book helps you curb pride using historical and cultural examples. These chapters show us how humility can ensure future success through examples such as finding a mentor and learning how to delegate.
AuthorRyan Holiday LanguageKurdish
Life guide book. :-It contains 1,530 pieces of advice given by a father to his son, which came from the experience and difficulties of life
AuthorJackson Brown LanguageKurdish
How Do I Write My Novel: A general guide to entering the world of writing
AuthorFrancis Bacon LanguageKurdish
Before you say yes, you need to know these things about marriage :- The aim of this book is to solve problems before and after marriage
AuthorNazli Özburun LanguageKurdish
The Art of Getting Rid of Heartbreak and Winning Hearts: A book that will help you heal your wounded heart and spiritual anxieties.
Make Fewer Big Mistakes: A book that will help you make fewer big mistakes.
AuthorGary John Bishop LanguageKurdish
6,000 IQD
Many psychiatric schools and psychologists around the world recommend this book as a remedy for those seeking meaning in life and spiritual well-being
AuthorMarcus Aurelius LanguageKurdish
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