How to sell on Bazzaar?

Step-by-step guide to start selling on Bazzaar 


Bazzaar is the Iraq’s first multi-vendor Ecommerce platform, allowing all Iraqis businesses, manufacturers, importers, and traders, to sell their products through a unified marketplace. By selling on Bazzaar, you will expand your customers from your region to a countrywide market. In Bazzaar we aim to build a network for all Iraqi users to purchase what they need, all in one marketplace. No doubt, you will sell more, and receive more profits. Creating a fulfilment solution for the Iraqi market, while there is a huge gap in the delivery management solution, gives us the idea to create the wide delivery management solution for the market. No matter if you have a small market, a big franchise, or a huge factory, we empower you to sell and send your product to any type of customer across the market.  


Before start selling 


You can simply create an account on Bazzaar using Become a seller section on the footer of the website. We need some details regarding your business.  

What is essential to start registering?  

  • Your business details
  • National ID Card 
  • Valid Phone Number 
  • Valid Email Address 

Seller Portal:

Once you registered on Bazzaar as seller, our team will review the provided details. If the provided information gets approved by Bazzaar team, We will send an Agreement to. You need to sign and return the original copy to our address. Finally, we will send you the electronic countersigned copy of the agreement to your email address again alongside the seller platform address, and credentials.  

Using your credentials, you can access the seller portal. This is a shop for managing your selling account, creating lists, adding products and information, plus creating variations for products, inventory updating, etc.  

Using your seller portal, you can:  

  • Keep track of your daily sales for all the products you sell on Bazzaar 
  • Keep track of your inventory  
  • Updating your inventory 
  • Create a list of your products  
  • Download sales reports 

How to use the portal: 

Home: The user Dashboard, providing Analytics, overview of the products, order details, balance, etc.  

Orders: Where you can find the orders. You can view new orders and manager orders in this section.  

Products: The product section is the platform where you can manage your products. Add new products, set price, quantity, images, etc. You can simply choose the availability status of any product here. Also, you can create different variations for the same product including color, size, brand, etc. To start creating your first product, click on the Plus button at the above right corner of your portal. Then provide the required information, including Name, Category (you can choose among the existing categories), Price, Full descriptions (write a short description about your product), Images, product code, available stock amount, keywords. Etc. Using the quantity discounts, you can put discounts on your products. 

Reviews: customers can write reviews on your product. This allows future buyers to decide whether they purchase your product or not, considering the other user’s experience.  

Message center: including two sections, customer communication, and admin communications. You can simply use these sections to communicate with potential customers. Also, you can communicate with the Bazzaar platform admin using the admin communication section.  

Product bundles: easily create product bundles using this section. You can bond two or more products in one bundle and sell them in one package.  

Accounting: all the transactions records could be found here, as well as details regarding Balance withdrawals. You can order to withdraw your accumulated profit using this section.  

Sidebar: create reports for all types of orders including orders, refunded orders, changed orders, etc. for any period you want to.  

How will products be delivered to the customers? 

Bazzaar has developed a national logistics solution to fulfill the orders. All deliveries will go through the Beep-Beep fulfillment process. After receiving the order, all you need to do is prepare the order, and send it to our office. You can deliver it by any method of delivery you wish or let our team collect the order from your shop. This is when the journey starts. We at Bazzaar will take care of whole collecting, warehouse, and last mile delivery.

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