How do you differentiate between original and fake brands?


Some people may think that this question can be difficult to answer because companies that produce fake clothes and other items now, they produce fake brands that closely resemble original ones. In this blog post the ways of differentiating original products from fake ones will be explained.


If you are wondering how to know which clothe is original and which one is fake, following are the features you can use to tell if the clothes you are buying are original or fake: 

  • Quality of work: You should take a good look at the seams, internal and external, and the quality of stitching. In the original brands, the stitching and seams will be perfect, straight where they should be and zigzag where they should be too. Counterfeiters, despite trying to deceive you, will not spend time and effort on these details, especially in the vicinity of buttons, buckles, and the inner edges of clothing. 
  • Logo: Of course, you have to be familiar with the details of the logo of the brand you prefer. But in general, fake brands do not do a perfect job with the logo, whether in terms of printing or where it is placed, and of course there are spelling errors. Some "original" companies are now resorting to making their own logo from luxurious materials, in order to make it easier for customers to distinguish. 
  • Price and place of manufacture: In general, counterfeit goods are made in Asia, such as China, Thailand, Japan, etc., but what you need to know is where the company manufactures its products. For example, if we assume the Chanel brand, the first thing that will occur to you is that it is in France, but this is not entirely true, as most of its products are made in Italy with some products in France. The price is a very important point, even if the store offers it during the sales season. The original brands will remain very expensive, despite the discounts. 
  • Fabric quality: No matter how companies try to imitate luxury brands, they cannot keep up with the quality of the fabric. This is a settled matter, sometimes it is enough to touch the clothes to know that they are fake. 

Perfumes How do you know it is an original brand? 

  • Packaging method: The original perfumes are wrapped in cellophane paper very tightly, while the imitated perfume is not tightly, and look carefully at the edges of the box if you find that the adhesive or glue is visible, even if it is not noticeable, make sure that the perfume is imitated. 
  • Barcode: The barcode must be at the bottom of the box and not anywhere else. The serial number that is placed at the bottom of the box, you will also find it on the bottle in the original brands, and it may be on the cap. What you have to pay attention to is that the serial number is engraved, not pasted. 
  • The box: Hold it and press on it. If you find that it is soft, then it is an imitation. The outer box must be thick and strong. Also, as we said before, you have to be aware of the company's blog and its exact details in order to be able to distinguish. 
  • The bottle and the color of the perfume: The bottle itself must be smooth with a perfectly finished surface, while the imitation is rough and opaque as it should be. The bottle cap can be the decisive factor because the companies give it great care and thus the details are elaborate.  The color of the perfume itself may be an indication, because imitations usually tend to use dyes in an exaggerated way, making their color darker.

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